Toscanina's Madame-Mocca

29.08.1995 - 13.10. 2000 (Stomach Torsion)

breeder:  Annina Baer, Finland

owner:  Nina Lindh, Finland

HD - B/C    phtvl/phpv - raj.    Cah - free   LT +174p.

Some of Mocca's Shows:

Finnish Special Show -96,  BOS-puppy

Finnish Special Show -97,  BEST IN SHOW

Finnish Special Show -98,  2. best female

Porvoo -97,  BOB and GROUP-2

Finnish Special Show 2000 (Millennium Sieger), BEST IN SHOW

Many of BOBs and BOB  placements

"Mocca" at the Finnish Special Show-97, Best of breed

"Mocca" at the Finnish Special Show 2000, Best of breed


Toscanina's  S-litter, 1998  (sire: Lucifer v. Heckendorf)

    Kriegerhof  G-litter, 2000  (sire: Cosi'con Marron)    





Ire Eurcon de la Taniere D'or

 Hertog Conan v. Manensheide

Wasko v. Binselberg

 Udine v. Frankenland

 Europe Cynlor de la Taniere D'or

Lorenzo Macho v.h. Wantij 

Cynthia de la Taniere D'or

 Clinics Milka

Jouri v. Franckenhorst

Fela v. Franckenhorst

 Dolly v. Franckenhorst

 Clinics Okta

Aristo v. Flanichen Löwen 

 Doberhill Black Fröya


     Mocca in  '97                              Mocca and her father Isak


Good bye, Mocca... you were simply the best!

We miss you!

All your friends