Kriegerhof Odessa

born: 02.07.2004

HD-A   phtvl/phpv-free  back&neck rated - normal  vWD-clear (by parents)  KORAD +392p.(Swedish körung)

MH-tested in Sweden (secure with shooting)  BH

luonnontöpö - bobtail

breeder: Kristiina Aaltonen, Finland
Vanja och Roland Johansson, kennel BECKER'S, Sweden

BOB-puppy in TAMPERE CACIB-show
1/3 HP in junior class in NDKV-05 Show, June 2005
1/1 HP in Youth Class, Drammen (Norway), June 2006

SWH Ebony & Odi in June 2006

"Odi" with her friend "Ladybug"
"Odi" with her friend "Ladybug"

"ODI" in October 2005

Odi with Stroll's Zoe-Zarina in October 2005

"ODI" 1 year . in July 2005

Half sister Cici-Comtessa v Alpha Nrodic, father SWH Elisir and Odi in summer 2005

"Odi" in Junior Class 1/3 with HONOR PRICE  in NDKV-05 show 11. June 2005

"Odi" in big Junior Class 1/3 with HONOR PRICE in Norwegian Dobermann Winner Show 2005 (NDKV-05 Show)

"ODI" 9 months

"Odi" starting  track 

8 months

7 months

Odi in February 2005

Odi with Aunt Ebbi and Aunt Zoe


"Hello, my name is ODI"

"This is my favorit toy!"

"Hello, here I'm 3 months old :-)"

Odi almost 8 weeks


Kristiina with ELISIR and ODESSA

"Here is me, my father Elisir and our Mamma :-)"



Smart Wood Hills Elisir

 Alfa Adelante del Citone

Prinz v Norden Stamm
Tequila Mali del Citone
Raviol iz Zoosfery Shogun v. Roveline
Smart Wood Hills Yuksi
Little Crown's Wanda Smart Wood Hills Tango Jivago v.h. Wantij 
Smart Wood Hills Yuola
Little Crown's Ori-Ourazi Earl-Wiking v. Alpha Nordic
Little Crown's Helen Bellray 

design Kristiina Aaltonen