Stroll's Zoe-Zarina

born:  17.09.1999 - 10.05.2006

HD-A   PHTVL/PHPV-free  K- test  (Norway)    LT +153p. (Finland)

breeder:  Odd Nordhus, Norway

owners: Kristiina & Sebastian Aaltonen, kennel Kriegerhof

Zoe 6 years

Zoe and Sebastian

Sebastian & Zoe



"Zoe" in July 2005

Sebastian, Elisir and Zoe

Our precious, our light, our brown eyes beauty....  WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!

Zoe - the best boss in our dobermann gang

Zoe Vappuna 2006

ZOE 2005

Like a painting :-) ?  Zoe in Finnish nature, winter 2005

Zoe in Italy

Zoe 9 months / COMO, Italy

Zoe 5 years - home in Finland

February 2005

Zoe with her big love -  ELISIR  in November 2005

Hmmm! Soon is summer again...

ZOE dreaming of the warm summer in March 2003

ZOE in May 2003 (kuva 2)

ZOE in May 2003

Zoe and little friend

ZOE and MARO in summer 2002

Zoe in October 2005


ZOE in May 2003

ZOE in May 2003

  • BOB-puppy in CACIB show in Lahti 30.04.2000

  • SG in Jugend class in IDC-show 22.07.2000, Luxembourgh

  • V1, CQ in Junior Class and  4. best female in Helsinki 03.09.2000

  • V3 in Youth Class, CACIB-Show in Turku  21.012001

  • V3 in Youth Class, CACIB-Show in Tampere 18.03.2001

  • V3 in Open Class, VDH Europa-Sieger Show, Dortmund 05.05.2001

  • V1, CQ in Youth Class and 2. best female in Hamina, 20.05.2001

  • V1, CQ in Youth Class, BEST FEMALE 2. and CAC in Porvoo, 09.09.2001

  • V1, CQ in Open Class, 2nd BEST FEMALE in Heinola, 25.08.2002

  • V2, CQ in Open Class, 2nd BEST FEMALE, CAC, res-CACIB, vice-FINNISH WINNER-02 in Helsinki 8.12.2002 

  • V2, CAC  PORVOO SHOW 2003 13.09.2003, judge: H. Wiblishauser


Zoe's puppies:

Here you can look Zoe's brother Stroll's Zulu



"Zoe" visiting her father "Gino"

"Italy is too hot for me"




Gino Gomez del Citone


Astor del Citone

Prinz v. Norden Stamm

Tequila Mali del Citone

Arielle d' Amour del Citone

Prinz v. Norden Stamm

Tequila mali del Citone

Stroll's Iris

Pelangistamm Armin

Graf v. Norden Stamm

Falina v. Norden Stamm

Stroll's Corvette

Quidina's Black Binky

Stroll's Rolene


design Kristiina Aaltonen